“My fellow Americans, as your President, I feel the time has come to address a long-standing issue of profound social importance, not just to the citizens of our great country, but the entire world…”

Imagine President Barack Obama, standing before the White House Press Room television cameras, openly stating to all the world that UFOs and extra-terrestrial life are in fact an indisputable reality!

At first blush, such an extraordinary media event might superficially satisfy the uninformed masses, however, does President Obama, or any other elected official, REALLY dare to fully disclose the Alien reality? For in doing so, he may fracture a bedrock of covert secrecy that could jolt the political structure of this nation to its very core. Or even more disconcerting, full UFO disclosure could reveal secrets that will totally shatter humanity’s fundamental perception of reality altogether!

Perhaps then, it is perfectly reasonable that Presidential administrations, going back to the days of Harry Truman and Dwight Eisenhower, have consistently avoided telling the American people the full “truth” regarding presence of unidentified craft flying in our skies.
Governmental secrecy regarding this issue remains the order of the day. Obviously, profoundly serious motives still drive this decades old cover-up.

Have Americans, clamoring for official UFO ‘revelation’, fully considered the awesome social ramifications of ultimate disclosure? No doubt, somewhere deep in the labyrinth of national security agencies someone knows the FULL TRUTH about UFOS and ETs, but is “Joe-Six-Pack” fully prepared to face the sweeping changes that open knowledge of such a truth might precipitate?

As the legend goes, the famed “Roswell UFO Crash” of 1947 induced a profound alteration of our nation’s Defense Establishment, allowing the reigns of government power to pass from the Executive branch to a military junta through covert, interlocking associations between defense contractors, aerospace industries, intelligence agencies, international banking and petroleum cartels.
President Dwight Eisenhower publicly warned against the potential threat of this “Military-Industrial Complex”, to Constitutional authority…

“In the councils of government we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.
The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist. We must never let the weight of this combination endanger our liberties or democratic processes.”

Yet increasing evidence reveals that behind closed doors, this conglomerate had already established a secret alliance with an alien civilization from the Reticulum star system by 1954, without the advise or consent of the Congress or the American people. This treaty was, in essence, a capitulation, to creatures who demonstrated technologies so advanced as to make all Earth defenses useless.

Realizing our obvious military disadvantage, our leaders were compelled to strike a deal with these intruders. However, at the outset, these creatures assured that planetary conquest was not their intention. Instead, they offered to share their advanced technologies in exchange for human genetic material, needed to revitalize their own race from pending extinction. As such, these aliens were allowed covert access to the American population for harvesting genetic material. And a top-secret base in the remote Nevada desert was designated for technology exchange.

Presumably, this treaty with aliens was brokered and managed under the auspices of “Majestic-12”, a top-secret study group originally assembled by President Harry Truman following the Roswell crash in 1947.

However, Department of Defense engineer, the late Philip Schneider revealed these aliens eventually betrayed the deal;
Called the “Grenada Treaty”,  this secret agreement allowed the aliens to… “take a few cows and test their implant techniques on a few human beings, but they had to give details about the people involved. Slowly the aliens altered the bargain until they decided they wouldn’t abide by it at all.”

As well, Col. Philip Corso, former advisor to President Eisenhower’s National Security Council, revealed the treaty was a Trojan horse…
“These creatures weren’t benevolent alien beings who had come to enlighten human beings. They were genetically altered human automatons, cloned biological entities, actually who were harvesting biological specimens on Earth for their own experimentation. As long as we were incapable of defending ourselves, we had to allow them to intrude as they wished…”

If such a legendary scenario is actual fact, for any President to dare DISCLOSE such a horror story to the American people would be political suicide!

Alien betrayal would understandably drive an urgent imperative to conceal this nightmare. Consequently the U.S. Government launched a dour ridicule campaign to debunk the whole UFO issue for the last six decades.

Project Sign,
Project Grudge,
Project Blue Book,
the Robertson Panel,
the Condon Report…

all maintained a consistent posture of scorn, derision and ridicule of the FLYING SAUCER subject. To divert public curiosity the government assured that “Nothing out of the ordinary exists,”

Yet, at the same time an unofficial “disclosure” campaign was initiated in the popular media. Newspaper tabloids, books, television shows, movies and video games awash with science fiction themes have been commonplace since the 1950s.

General Nathan Twining, one of the original MJ-12 members, encouraged using this style of entertainment propaganda in order to…“create a climate of public attitude that would be able to accept the existence of extraterrestrial life without a general sense of panic.”
To defuse a potential public upheaval, a non-stop media blitz continues to serve up a steady stream of ‘science fiction’  conditioning to the unsuspecting masses. Of course America’s introduction to the notion of space travel was far more than just science fiction fluff. Throughout the 1960s the national media was awash with images of rocket competition with the Soviet Union. The Cold War fueled a technological rivalry that ultimately climaxed with a manned mission to the moon, further conditioning the masses into accepting an unstated subtext of disclosure…

The best dis-information contains a measure of truth. In a document purported to be the transcript of newly elected President Ronald Reagan’s briefing on the subject of UNIDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECTS and EXTRATERRESTRIAL VISITATION of planet EARTH, CIA Director William Casey and his advisors shared carefully selected fragments of the Alien mystery with the President.  If authentic, this text reveals how even our nation’s chief executives are at the mercy of whatever information the intelligence bureau is willing to divulge.

A CIA operative called “The Caretaker” explained to President Reagan just how the media was being used to carefully craft a public perception of the UFO phenomenon.  “PROJECT DOVE” was a covert operation developed with a dual purpose…

“…the FIRST PERSON who helped us with this disinformation program, [was] Mr. GEORGE ADAMSKI, back in the early ’50s, and… ALL productions of UFO-related movies. This helps the public to keep their minds open, but also allows us to keep our secret aircraft away from the public’s knowledge.”

“…the first cooperative venture was the movie, “The Day the Earth Stood Still”. That was a cooperative venture with the United States Air Force and the movie industry. We provided the basic subject matter for the movie [Close Encounters].

Steven Spielberg, it seems was recruited to be our government’s media ambassador to the stars…!

So with this in mind, we must question just what UFO truths has our government imbedded in six decades of Hollywood science-fiction films and television programs?


Out of this frothy entertainment souffle, what one creature has emerged as the single most iconic representation of extra-terrestrials? Worldwide, what creature is most instantly recognized as an alien space visitor?  The unrivaled star; the unquestioned media darling to emerge from this marketing “blitz” has been…the Zeta-Reticulum Gray!

Either by accident or design, the relentless, insectoid stare of the “Zeta/Gray” is everywhere–on book covers, coffee mugs, T-shirts, bumper stickers and key-chains. Zeta/Gray has been a merchandizing phenomenon, hawking everything from soda pop to bank cards. The Zetas even abduct the kiddie cartoon character “Gumby”! Clearly, the only alien worthy of officially “un-official” notice is the Zeta/Gray.

Public awareness of these Grays first came to light in 1966 with the book “Interrupted Journey”, which was the account of Betty and Barney Hill’s abduction in New Hampshire in 1961. With subsequent books such as Bud Hopkins’ “Intruders” and Whitley Strieber’s “Communion” more media attention and credibility has been given the Grays.
However, the nearest attempt at official disclosure came on Oct. 14, 1988 in the guise of a two-hour television special, entitled, “UFO COVER-UP? LIVE”.  Promising to expose the real “truth” about UFOs, this unprecedented special was aired simultaneously in the United States and the Soviet Union. This program promised an open and unbiased examination of the UFO issue, yet at the outset, congenial host, Mike Farrell (from the popular “M*A*S*H” TV series) summarily dismissed the Billy Meier/Pleiadian contact case as a complete hoax, without offering viewers the least shred of evidence pro or con to draw their own conclusions.

Instead, Farrell proceeded to introduce a “disclosure” of sorts about the Zeta-Reticulum Grays, which obviously was the primary focus of the show. Two informants, purported to be government intelligence operatives introduced as “Falcon” and “Condor”, filmed in shadow and with their voices electronically masked, told the Zeta story.

Although no “live” Grays consented to be shown on-camera, a montage of artist illustrations showed the Grays as benign “Guests” of the United States Government who had been given a base in Nevada. Falcon and Condor admitted that these creatures came from the Zeta-Reticulum star system, but shared no further details as to the nature and purpose of their relationship with our government, save to say, the EBE or Extraterrestrial-Biological-Entity, in our custody was vegetarian with a hankering for strawberry ice cream! How cute!

Yet Falcon’s deeply disturbing statement that aliens had “COMPLETE control” over our nation’s most highly guarded weapons installation, Area-51, was blindly overlooked.
For the simultaneous broadcast of this program in the Soviet Union clearly demonstrated high level government collusion in its production.
Clearly UFO COVER UP LIVE was a commercial of sorts to sell the Grays to the American and Soviet people, with an obvious sub-text that the Grays had “favored-nation” status with our government’s intelligence establishment. Curiously, much of the information shared by Falcon and Condor was consistent with Ronald Reagan’s ET briefing from 1981. Despite earning dismal network ratings, this TV program was a milestone in UFO disclosure.

However, whistle-blower, Robert Lazar, a physicist employed at Area-51, revealed in 1989 additional information that Falcon and Condor failed to mention, suggesting the Grays have had a long standing proprietary interest in the human species…

In a briefing document he was shown at Area 51 Lazar read, “that we’re ‘containers.’ That’s supposedly how the aliens look at us; that we’re nothing but containers–maybe containers of souls. You can come up with whatever theory you want. But we’re containers, and that’s how we’re mentioned in the documents; that religion was specifically created so we have some rules and regulations for the sole purpose of not damaging the containers…” As well, the document revealed that humans were the product of 65 genetic alterations, and that the grays were able to immobilize humans from a remote source.

If this is true, perhaps such a disturbing reality explains the official ambivalence toward disclosure. Its one thing to reveal alien visitors, but quite another to reveal alien “harvesters”! Or worse, to reveal to that our government is actively assisting such alien enterprises!

Another half-hearted, soft-sell disclosure attempt, in1988, involved UFO researcher and former NASA missions analyst, Bob Oeschler, who was approached to serve as consultant on a project called “Cosmic Journey”. This enterprise, developed by Ringling Brothers, was to assemble an exhibit of rocket and space technology combined with UFO information, including an actual alien body in cryogenic freeze, to be showcased in cities across the United States for public display. Oddly, this project was terminated at the time of George Bush Sr.’s election as President.

And then again, in the mid-nineties a similar project was under consideration by the city of Scottsdale, Arizona. A permanent space technology exhibit was proposed as a public works renovation project. This exhibit was also slated to include an extensive UFO information component as well. Noted researchers such as Bob Dean, Wendelle Stevens and Jim Dilletoso were to serve as consultants. My UFO art was to be featured in this project as well. But after several encouraging meetings with city planners, this public information project mysteriously evaporated.

In 1995 Disney Corporation produced an astounding UFO documentary that was cautiously aired in only five cities across the country. Back in the Fifties, Disney had been approached by the Pentagon to produce films debunking UFOs. Forty years later it seemed the government was using Disney Corporation for a reverse intent, selling the reality of alien life.
This TV special was gently masked as a promotion introducing the newest George Lucas “Tomorrow-land” thrill ride “designed to acclimate the public to their inevitable alien encounter!” Of course, “Alien Encounter” was the name of the ride.
Disney CEO, Michael Eisner, introduced this surprisingly candid documentary outlining the general history of our government’s secret involvement with aliens since the famed “Roswell” crash in 1947. In fact, the documentary revealed our government’s possession of extraterrestrial space craft and alien bodies, as well as the military’s motivation for a cover-up; “What you can’t explain, they reasoned, you must deny–For governments determined to maintain their authority, extraterrestrial contact is pure dynamite!”

But again, this disclosure effort ran out of steam. The Disney UFO documentary was never aired nationally and the Tomorrow-land ‘Alien’ ride was eventually replaced with little fan-fare.

Meanwhile, serious researchers were discovering darker evidence revealing the Gray Alien agenda. Rampant reports of abductions and cattle mutilations continued. As an abductee herself, the late Dr. Karla Turner speculated…

“If we are indeed a multipurpose resource for the aliens, one which they want to continue to use, could they be performing the various reproductive/genetic procedures in order to make alterations in their “livestock” that better serve the uses for which we are harvested?”

In 1997 the nation was horrified by the “Heaven’s Gate” mass suicide scandal in San Diego, where members of a UFO cult took their own lives allegedly at the bidding of gray extra-terrestrials. Thanks to full mass media coverage of this debacle, UFOs for a time became virtually a taboo topic. Were researchers unraveling too much truth behind the ET enigma?

Clearly the danger remains that rather than simple conditioning to an ET reality, public perception can be steered or manipulated to benefit any number of covert agendas.
The drift away from the “benevolent alien” scenarios to “hostile invaders” themes, has become dominant in recent films… and none so explicit as National Geographic’s television documentary “When Aliens Attack”!

Yet, how can we engage conventional defense tactics against enemy aliens capable of “controlling our minds from a remote source” or who already have “complete control” over our nation’s most sophisticated weapons installation?
Is such spin cautionary warning of a pending war with ETS? Or could it serve as a useful propaganda tool for a staged ‘false-flag’, alien attack, to justify the further need of the military-industrial-complex…? Vast monolithic, defense-industry conglomerates require vast monolithic, military threats to justify their existence. Nobody ever got rich by profiteering from peace!

The “Report from Iron Mountain” [Dell Publishing, 1967] reminds us…“The existence of an accepted external menace, then, is essential to social cohesiveness as well as to the acceptance of political authority. The menace must be believable, it must be of a magnitude consistent with the complexity of the society threatened, and it must appear, at least, to affect the entire society.”

Have decades of popular media, science fiction ‘disclosure’ brought the population any closer to the truth regarding UFOs and extraterrestrials? Is the public really being conditioned or just conveniently befuddled?
The primary motive for government non-disclosure of an extra-terrestrial reality has been defined as protection of the existing political and economic order from collapse due to exposure to a more advanced Extraterrestrial civilization.
But does this rationale for non-disclosure actually provide a convenient excuse for decades of corporate and political abuse of power and wealth as well?

Dr. Steven Greer states…
“This [cover-up], no matter how well intentioned initially, got carried away with its own secret power. It abused this power. It has hijacked our future for fifty years. The reasons for secrecy are clear: global power, economic and technological control, geo-political status quo, the fear of scandal surrounding the exposure of such projects and their behavior!”

But has “Disclosure” already been explicitly revealed in the media. In a made-for-TV movie aired nationally on CBS in 1992, entitled “Intruders”, a fictional General Hanley of the USAF, very succinctly explains the government’s dilemma and position regarding Extra-terrestrials–but was anyone paying attention?

“Let’s suppose that a group was formed many years ago to investigate a certain worrisome phenomenon. And let’s suppose that the many brilliant men in this group could be counted on to come up with answers to such a mystery–and could be counted on to keep their mouths shut until they did come up with answers…
Problem was that the men in this group couldn’t find an answer. Oh, they knew there was something out there, all right–no doubt about that–something quite extraordinary! But as to the who, why, what, where…well they struck out. They struck out good…  So the President who had formed this group, made a decision to hide its existence; make it an ongoing “Black-Project”, untraceable, unaccountable to Congress or even to succeeding administrations. And then, on the day that answers finally were found, the group leader was to march into the Oval Office and inform the President. That day is yet to come!
…What would you have us do? Should the President of the United States go on national television and say, “My fellow Americans, we have evidence of a superior culture out there. They come from–God knows where; maybe from outer space, maybe from some other dimension of existence. They are abducting our citizens on a regular basis. Conducting experiments on them; collecting specimens of our ova, our sperm. They have been impregnating women, and then later invading those women’s bodies again and stealing the unborn fetuses, for reasons we can only imagine…”
Our world, my friend, is based on the premise of a thirty year mortgage. You and I can close our eyes and go to sleep at night, because we’re pretty sure that the world we know today will be there tomorrow, and the next day, and the week after that. So I repeat, doctor, until the day comes that we know what we’re dealing with; until we can give solid answers, the policy of this government remains, NOTHING is out there! Its just “science-fiction”–the domain of a very rabid, lunatic fringe!”

Now that the key roll Hollywood plays in the UFO secrecy game has been exposed, its advisable to view future television and film productions with a  sharp, judicious eye. Truth of extraterrestrial visitation to planet Earth is an explosive political paradox that, as disclosure advocate, Richard Dolan states, is both “impossible and inevitable”.
But until our elected officials muster the courage to publicly confront the UFO issue or the ETs openly reveal themselves, I suspect we will continue to settle for what disclosure may shared through fictional film characters, such as intrepid “X-Files”agent Fox Mulder

[The UFO cover up is] a  plot to conceal the truth about the existence of extra-terrestrials…its a global conspiracy, actually, with key players in the highest levels of power, and it reaches down into the lives of every man, woman and child on this planet…
The fix is in, the sky is falling and when it hits its gonna be the shit-storm of all time!
(From the 20th Century Fox film:  “X-Files: Fight the Future”.)

James H. Nichols

Watch the UFOTV Presents Youtube video: “ET CONTACT AND UFO DISCLOSURE”…  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rt1MK7wtYW0