The Pleiadian Investigation

Since 1975, on of the world’s most controversial and perplexing UFO mysteries centers on the notorious tale from Switzerland that a man named  Billy Meier claimed to have face-to-face contact with beings from the Pleiades star system. Was Eduard “Billy” Meier actually visited by extraterrestrials, or did this one-armed, night watchman, living on a government pension, riding the Swiss countryside on a tiny mo-ped stage the greatest UFO hoax of all time?

This tale has virtually polarized the UFO research community. Its supporters are as passionate as its debunkers. And yet to this day neither side has provided a definitive verdict to this enigma, one way or the other. But the interminable wrangling continues…

A recent debunk was posted in October 2011 by Phoenix research group, OPEN MINDS in an article authored by Michael Schratt entitled “Beamships Busted”. This article offered speculation as to how Meier could have faked his famous UFO photos–as though he had ‘in fact’ deliberately faked his UFO photos. But considering Schratt’s assertion that Meier’s UFO pictures do not  prove authentic, “forensic computer composite” images do NOT prove Meier’s photos to be a fraud either.

It should be noted that Schratt’s article does NOT constitute a full-fledged investigation but simply his own speculations, none of which are based on personal interviews with Meier, or ‘on-site’ examinations in Switzerland. As well, the subtext of this recent debunk callously implies that the original investigation from 1976 by Wendelle Stevens and his team was at best, shoddy and incompetent, and at worst, a deliberate collaboration with Meier to perpetrate a hoax.

However, a comprehensive film record of the original Wendelle Stevens investigation of the “Billy” Meier UFO case still exists on Youtube…“Contact”.

This investigation was conducted by Lee and Brit Elders, and their associate Tom Welch, all experts in industrial counter-espionage. This trio was recruited by Lt. Col. Wendelle C. Stevens, a retired U.S. Air Force combat pilot with 20 years UFO research experience.

As well, the team was assisted by Jim Dilettoso, a professional computer expert who served a key roll with digital photographic analysis. Totally independent of UFO groups of that day like APRO or MUFON, Stevens organized one of the most comprehensive UFO investigations ever engaged.

Conclusions based on this team’s research from 1976 to 1982 determined that:

1. Digital photo examination confirmed that the images tested were in fact of a large object [21 feet in diameter] photographed at some distance from the camera.

2. Metal samples examined revealed a process of cold-fusion metal combination unknown to earthly science.

3. Examination of audio recordings of the UFO sounds conducted by a professional recording studio revealed frequencies that matched no earthly sound and could not be duplicated by recording technologies of that era.

So there hangs the tale…

These findings along with an additional thirty eyewitness testimonies seemed to validate at least a portion of this contact story. Meier’s claims of meetings, discussions and travels with visitors from the Pleiades were totally subjective and virtually impossible to independently verify.
Stevens’ research team realized in 1980 the best they could hope to achieve was to validate the physical evidence at hand. Which they did to their satisfaction. More than three thousand pages of contact notes transcribed by Billy remained anecdotal and circumstantial. Short of the Pleiadians publicly landing in their beamships, little else could ultimately prove that Billy’s contact claims were true.

In 1980 a motion picture detailing the original investigation by Wendelle Stevens and his research team, entitled “Contact” was scheduled for national theatrical distribution. This documentary concluded,

“The team had shown the Meier material to a variety of experts in an attempt to learn if  any of it could be duplicated. They estimated it would require expertise in at least a dozen different fields including metallurgy, astronomy, ancient history and psychology.
The panel concluded it would take over ten thousand man-hours and cost an excess of one million dollars to duplicate the evidence Meier has, at that the computer could still spot any fabrication.”

Unfortunately a last-minute dispute over copyright issues blocked “Contact” from public release. ["Contact" A film by Larry Savadove, BGR Entertainment, 1980.]

However, researcher Gary Kinder retraced the Stevens investigation efforts and verified the film’s conclusions which he published in 1987 in his book entitled “Light Years”.(Atlantic Monthly Press; 1st edition, April 1987).

It is not our intent with this essay to validate Meier’s claims. His story will stand or fall on its own merit over the natural course of time. However, in fairness to my friend, Wendelle Stevens, I think the public has a right to see his investigative efforts and determine for themselves if it was shoddy and incompetent.

What is genuinely amazing about Wendelle’s investigation documentary was on-camera testimony from two aerospace engineers that agencies of this planet were already developing zero-point propulsion systems. Spacecraft engineer David Froning and astrophysicist Alan Holt, both revealed existing space-flight research designs for utilizing unified-field propulsion systems–resonance systems that could duplicate the interstellar travel techniques described by Meier’s Pleiadian visitors. Off-camera, David Froning candidly admitted that rocket-propulsion space travel was already obsolete!

Such comments lend credence to former director of Lockheed’s top-secret “Skunk-Works” facility at famed Area-51, Ben Rich, who stated,
“We already have the means to travel among the stars, but these technologies are locked up in ‘Black-Projects’ and it would take an act of God to ever get them out to benefit humanity.” Rich also added that, “Anything you can imagine we already know how to do.”

There are important questions vital to the Meier case that voracious UFO debunkers conveniently fail to mention, such as; what agencies or corporate interests might be served by discrediting Meier and his story? What groups have the means and the motives to make claims of interstellar space travel, free-energy propulsion, or contact with more advanced ET civilizations sound like ludicrous poppycock?

Physicist, inventor Adam Trombly states, “The suppression of UFO Phenomenon is hand in hand with the suppression of so-called free-energy.”

Explaining free-energy, disclosure advocate Dr. Steven Greer states, “The energy is extracted from the fabric of the space around us which means it cannot be metered. That is a direct threat to the single largest industry in the world–energy.  Its goodbye Exxon-Mobile, goodbye oil, goodbye coal, goodbye linear transmission of electricity through power lines. All that gone! Unfortunately its someone’s 200-trillion dollar piggy-bank. The proven oil and gas and coal reserves are worth north of 200-trillion dollars. This information coming out would completely change geopolitical power more than anything since… well, in recorded human history. And it would happen in a generation.”

As well, could it be that the ruling elite of our world don’t appreciate extraterrestrial visitors exposing their greedy, planet Earth monopoly game?

“Without exception, all Earth governments are made up of human beings for which power hunger and an avid thirst for profits are characteristic…they only want, under cover of peace and friendship, to occupy our ray-ships, to exercise absolute rule over the Earth.” [from the "Messages from the Pleiades" notes.]

So, does the “Billy” Meier enigma contain a kernel of truth intentionally buried somewhere under layers of controversy and disinformation? The world may never know. The ultimate truth rests with the Pleiadians themselves. As they tell it, Meier’s story of ET contact was never intended to be definitive, only provocative… and to this day it remains just that!

Jim Nichols

To view an update on the original Pleiadian investigation visit Veritas Radio and watch: “The Billy Meier UFO Enigma”. A revealing lecture from computer analyst, Jim Dilettoso filmed in January 2012.