1. Jim Nichols: Phenomena Watcher

Welcome to the return of the AUTHENTIC Jim Nichols UFO website! Don’t be fooled by RIP-OFF substitutes!  This is the REAL–James H. Nichols, UFO Artist–website: jimnicholsufo.net


I think most of us agree that over the course of a lifetime, aside from our immediate families, only a handful of individuals play a powerful roll in shaping our personal character and destiny. With this in mind, I wish to dedicate this web-site to the two gentlemen who have most profoundly influenced my roll in the field of UFO research: Wendelle C. Stevens and Robert O. Dean.  Aside from my admiration of their diligence, integrity and tireless efforts as investigators of this perplexing enigma, they have both been dear friends. Were it not for the tremendous personal inspiration I have gained from my association with these two remarkable gentlemen, my thirty year legacy of UFO art and research would not exist!


In April of 1980 I met UFO investigator, retired Air Force Lt. Col., Wendelle Stevens for the first time. Wendelle was a former World War II combat pilot who, after 30 years of research, had amassed the world’s largest archive collection of UFO photographs. That spring, he was in the midst of investigating one of the world’s most amazing UFO contact cases; that of a Swiss farmer who claimed to have face-to-face encounters with beings from the Pleiades star system–a case rich with physical evidence, photographs, landing tracks, sound recordings, metal samples and corroborating accounts of more than thirty eyewitnesses in hand. It looked like the blockbuster UFO case that would blow the lid off UFO secrecy once and for all!

Wendelle’s enthusiasm for this case was infectious, and I wanted to be a part of the action!

I never set out to be a UFO artist or researcher. I was born a post-war ‘baby boomer’ to the flat-lands of northwestern Ohio; raised to provincial, middle-class, small-town sensibilities. For the record, I must state I’ve never seen a UFO, nor can I claim any special background in physics, aeronautics nor high-level military security. In 1972 I rose to the lofty rank of PFC serving a sixteen-month stint as a U.S. Army finance clerk on Okinawa. Although I did glimpse a “Top-Secret’ SR-71 spy-plane parked on the tarmac at nearby Kadena, AFB, that was the only kind of ‘classified’ hardware I saw during my military experience. No, I am merely a private citizen, who by a curious synchronous circumstance found himself seduced into the high-strangeness of UFO research.

In 1980 I already had about ten years experience as an artist, painting with a crisp, photo-realistic style, the spectacular mountains and cactus of the Sonora desert surrounding my home in Tucson, Arizona. As a diversion I also enjoyed painting science fiction themes as well. Some of these fanciful creations were displayed for a time in the University of Arizona’s Flandrau Planetarium where they earned an illustration commission from Dr. William K. Hartmann for his astronomy text book, “The Cosmic Journey”. But it was my introduction to Wendelle Stevens that launched my first serious UFO illustration efforts.

By 1991, the collection of UFO renderings I‘d done for Wendelle, caught the attention of TV producer Ted Loman, creator of UFOAZ Talks, a Tucson Public Access Television show.

Assuming my UFO expertise would lend credibility to his production, Ted recruited me to be his co-host. This fortuitous opportunity expanded my investigation horizons even more. Despite being a no-budget, all volunteer production, over the span of seven years our award-winning show took on a life of its own. It was aired on Public Access channels around the country. And as it progressed, we found ourselves interviewing UFO researchers and eyewitnesses from all over the world. At the outset, Ted and I innocently assumed our show would ultimately solve the whole incredible UFO mystery. But it wasn‘t long before I soberly realized the UFO mystery was a nut too tough to crack!   To our dismay we found disclosure of the reality of Extraterrestrial life–potentially the premiere discovery of the Millennium–was a secret relentlessly stonewalled by impenetrable governmental obstruction, media hostility and general public apathy! Could it be that the strangest creatures in the universe are not extraterrestrials…but the humans of planet Earth?

Definitive evidence revealing the truth behind the UFO enigma was as elusive and ephemeral as swamp gas! It became obvious that combined government and social resistance to the notion of extra-terrestrials is ‘high strangeness’ more outrageous than the UFO enigma itself. Either by accident or design, this issue remained perpetually fogged by a constant muddle of confusion and controversy! The best evidence–photographs, landing tracks, and even credible eyewitness testimonies–were consistently dismissed as inconclusive or the ranting of unbalanced “kooks” and crackpots. Official government posture steadfastly declared: “Nothing out of the ordinary exists!”

Clearly attempts to prove the truth of any particular UFO case was a waste of time. So my synchronous trek into UFO research led me to seek out the motives that drive this cover-up.  I find  the aberrant psychology of ‘denial’, regarding the extraterrestrial issue, more bizarre than UFOs and aliens could ever be!

As such I’ve become something of  a ‘phenomena watcher’, a detective of sorts grappling with the motives and meanings behind the social obstructions hindering serious UFO investigation. And to be sure, this has proven to be an equally fascinating avenue of study unto itself!

So now, after the many years since 1980, I’ve progressed through an extraordinary personal evolution as a result of tumbling down the UFO research “rabbit-hole”. No longer simply an illustrator, my horizons have expanded into video journalism and public lecturing as well. And in an attempt to share with the world some measure of the volume of information I’ve acquired from all this experience, I’ve recently posted thirteen video essays on UFOTV Youtube.  http://www.youtube.com/show/ufotvpresents

As you browse these video selections, always keep in mind, these essays are offered as informed speculation rather than definitive conclusions. I trust my videos are entertaining, informative and provocative. And hopefully they will inspire you, the viewer, to pursue your OWN investigations! As well I wish to acknowledge the dedicated and diligent efforts of the many researchers quoted throughout my essays. The secrets they reveal are all hidden in plain sight! All assembled materials that I have quoted are from sources in public domain.   Also, I make no claims to the absolute veracity of the material shared. I only offer it as an, ‘alternative myth’ to the consensual daily ‘reality’ we’ve all come to believe. Truth, whatever that may be, will eventually reveal itself over the natural course of time… Considering this, I cordially invite you to view my videos as well as  my blog ramblings, always keeping in mind… my quest for answers still continues!

Respectfully, James H. Nichols